As a boy, Cory loved taking his toys apart to understand how they were built. “My dad would ask me why I did that, and I would say, ‘Because I want to see how it works!’” But at just 22, Cory’s life had fallen apart – all because of his addiction to drugs. And he was desperate to figure out how to put it back together again.

His life had been going well for a while – he had a good job, and was a good dad to his young daughter – but old impulses began creeping back in. “Something made me just go back to the old me. I started doing the wrong things again.” He even stopped seeing his daughter, making excuses why he couldn’t take care of her.

“I just needed a change for my life,” he says. Concerned, his parents helped Cory find a place he could recover. Going through the process of getting here – and staying here – was challenging…Cory didn’t want to come here at first. But his father convinced him he “was going a bad route and needed to change.”

At the Mission, Cory was amazed by the atmosphere – especially all the education programs offered here. “It wasn’t just a room with beds…it feels more like a college because you’re on a campus and going to classes. I’ve really enjoyed it a lot.” Through the love and support of our staff, Cory has transformed his life. He’s not only begun healing and confronting his addiction – he’s also renewed his relationship with God through the classes and counseling offered here at the Mission. “I love reading the Word of God,” he says. “It’s been a whole new world to me.”

Joining groups like Celebrate Recovery have also made a huge impact on his heart. “Before, this, I was alone…so I looked to drugs to have fun. I needed a group like Celebrate Recovery where I could talk about my problems with people who have been through the same things.”

Cory’s been taking advantage of our Education Center and is excited about all the doors it’s opening in his life. “I finished all of my placement tests…I’m planning to look into some college courses. In the future, I’ll see about taking courses for chemical or electrical engineering. I’m really interested in those fields.”

And now, as he moves towards a bright future each day here at the Mission, he’s finding how well his life works when he pursues the right things. And he’s so grateful to all that Open Door Mission has made possible in his life. “I want to volunteer as much as I can at the Mission – I really like what they do here and everything they have going on.”