Stories of Hope


Luis was saved from death – only to have his life fall apart!

Like many of us, Luis’ life was busy. “I had two girls and a wife, but I spent all my time working,” he remembers. “I was thinking only about myself and didn’t have time for my family.”

To ease the strain of an 84-hour work week, Luis decided to give the new synthetic marijuana a try. […]

“I’m finally back on track!”

“I remember taking a bag of heroin to the park when I was five years old,” Percy says. “My father was an addict. My mother was an addict. It trickled down to me and my brother.”

At 13, when most kids are in junior high, Percy was dealing drugs, drinking and smoking marijuana.

When he got older, […]

“God started putting people and places in my life…”

Jerrett had a happy childhood in Baton Rouge. He was a gifted athlete and the only child of doting parents. His life seemed ideal, but in his 18th year, it all turned upside down when his parents divorced. Jerrett was hurt and confused, and began using marijuana and alcohol to numb his pain. Before long, […]

Gene had nowhere to go!

Murphy’s Law says, “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

It could have been written about Gene!

He’d gotten hurt at work and run out of money. With no job and no place to live, he came to our Convalescent Care Center to recover, where we can house up to 33 homeless men who have been […]

Drugs will take everything from you…

DeWayne knows what drugs will do to a person. “Drugs will take everything from you,” he says. “They will take your family away from you. They will take away your sense of thinking. They will rob you of everything…until there’s nothing left.”

DeWayne’s mother raised him in God’s will. So fortunately, even when DeWayne got into […]

“God opened doors I’d never dreamed of.”

Born and raised here in Houston, Joseph started using drugs when he was 13 and dropped out of school in the 9th grade.

“I was caught in a tornado.”

His life spiraled out of control. “It was like being caught in a tornado,” Joseph says. “And trying to figure how to get out.”

At 22, Joseph began driving […]

“Everything about me has changed!”

Born and raised in Houston, Roscoe became addicted to crack cocaine in the 80’s. It wasn’t a life he would wish on anyone!

“The devil would say ‘go and use!’”

Roscoe’s life was a downward spiral. “I could never have enough money,” he said shaking his head. “I had to work constantly to support the habit. I […]

“Truly blessed to be here!”

How would you feel if you woke up one day, tried to get out of bed, but instead you fell to the floor?

That’s just what happened to Mark. He called 911 right away and when they got him to the hospital, they discovered a blood clot in his lungs.

Not being able to work while he […]

“I’m doing it for me this time.”

Addicted to cocaine since 13, Derek finally tried a recovery program. “In my heart, I was doing it for my wife,” he says. “But the program didn’t focus on the real problem…they didn’t want you to talk about what was really going on.”

He stayed clean…for a while. But slowly, old patterns returned. “I started falling […]

“I just needed a change for my life.”

As a boy, Cory loved taking his toys apart to understand how they were built. “My dad would ask me why I did that, and I would say, ‘Because I want to see how it works!’” But at just 22, Cory’s life had fallen apart – all because of his addiction to drugs. And he was […]

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