Doorway Recovery Program Admissions

Ricardo Hernandez
Phone : 832-962-4256
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Admissions to Doorway Recovery Program

The Mission is open to new clients
To schedule an appointment
Please call Ricardo Hernandez, Intake Concierge at 832-962-4256

Admissions Process – This is a 4-5 month residential program for men only.

        • Call 832-962-4256 to be given a time to arrive at the Mission
        • Phone calls are REQUIRED before coming to the Mission
        • You will be notified of COVID-19 testing procedure during your call

Follow the directions and make this phone call. We are here to help you and all who are on this campus.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Valid State Identification / Passport or HOT Team I.D. (Male 18 years or older)

  • History of substance abuse and a desire for change.

  • ALL appointments are confirmed by calling 832-962-4256 Mon. – Fri. / 8am – 3 pm

  • Tobacco-free, this is a non-smoking campus. No smoking paraphernalia of any kind including matches, lighters, or vaping pens.

  • Flu shots are REQUIRED during the flu season

  • No sexual assaults/offenses

  • Prescription medication, 30 day supply (if applicable)

  • Must be able to navigate campus (stairs, top bunk, etc.)

  • Must pass intake interview as a final requirement

  • We do not offer detox treatment.

  • Requirements are subject to change at any time

Ineligible Applicants

  • Active (untreated) communicable disease
  • Unable to perform self-care

  • Active felony warrants

  • High-risk psychiatric medications, and opioid maintenance

  • Serious untreated psychiatric diagnosis

  • Severe cognitive deficits/dementia

  • Recent evidence of uncontrolled violent behavior

  • Fugitive

  • Registered sex offender

  • Individuals previously restricted by Open Door Mission