the Visitation is by counselor’s consent. The resident must contact his counselor to request a visit to occur on a defined day and time and provide the name(s) and relationship(s) of each proposed visitor.

The visitor(s) will arrive at the front gate at the approved time for inspection of any items being brought onto the campus. This includes handbags of any type, metal detection is a part of the search either by wand or walk through metal detector. It is recommended that handbags be locked in the trunk of the car or locked in a metal locker at the front security gate. The only item needed for entry is an official photo ID.

Do not bring food or drink of any kind, controlled substances, over the counter drugs, inappropriate materials of any kind as determined by the security officer upon inspection.

The dress code is conservative dress by all women. If it is questionable to the wearer if it is appropriate or not, it is probably inappropriate. Don’t wear it. No flip flops for safety purposes.

Passes are only permitted by counselor’s consent. Passes are not a part of the ODM DoorWay Recovery Program except in emergency situations as determined by the resident’s counselor.