Ricardo never thought he’d end up homeless. He was wrong.

In all his born days, Ricardo never imagined he’d be homeless. However, his move to Houston in search of better opportunities didn’t turn out the way he’d planned. After some temporary jobs, suddenly he couldn’t find anything. All too soon, he couldn’t pay his rent. “It made me look at another side of life,” Ricardo

I never graduated from anything before

My name is Daniel and when I was 16 my stepmother held my arm and my cousin put a needle in it. That was the first time I got high, and I liked it. My childhood with my father’s side of the family made Jerry Springer look like Leave It to Beaver, and drugs were

Fatherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world.

When you think of Father’s Day gifts, you probably picture things that you’d want to give to Dad—like the old familiar standby, a new tie. Many of the men at Open Door Mission are fathers, and if you asked them their number-one reason for seeking help, most would say it’s because they need to set


Catfish’s story as told by Tommy Thompson, Open Door Mission President and CEO I try not to call people by nicknames, but Catfish was the exception. He had a “ real name,” but Catfish is just who he was. He’d been a fixture on the streets of Houston for years, brought there by a lifestyle

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