Family FAQ’s

Please read this carefully and respect and abide by the entire Code

In order to promote an orderly and safe recovery environment while allowing for the support of family and loved ones, dress and conduct code guidelines have been established.

Please show consideration to the men in the program who do not have any family support.

Female visitors are expected to pay close attention to personal cleanliness and to dress and conduct themselves appropriately while on the premises. This means that a visitor’s dress, grooming, and general appearance and conduct will be appropriate and neither disruptive nor interfere with the spiritual and recovery process of ALL our men.

Open Door Mission’s administrators/staff will make the final determination, should there be a question, as to the appropriateness of a visitor’s attire and/or conduct. The same applies to any public display of affection on the Mission property. PDA is not permitted.

Your loved one may request that you wear his favorite outfit for all the right reasons, but if it is for the wrong reason and questionable in your opinion, please do not wear it and explain to him why. We attempt to show men how to properly act with the females in his life. And always consider the other men who will see you. He should also think about that. Men other than your loved one, who may be seen by him ogling you, can make for a very bad scene.

Attire and conduct that is or may be considered disruptive, distracting, suggestive, revealing, or in any way interferes with our residents’ spirituality and recovery will not be tolerated.


  • Necklines are to be modest, not revealing, and not allow exposed cleavage.
  • Clothing must cover the mid-section and the back at all times whether standing and/or sitting.

The following tops are inappropriate:

  • Tops with large arm holes that expose undergarments, such as tank tops, basketball jerseys, muscle shirts, mesh shirts, athletic undershirts, and cut out shirts.
  • Tops that reveal lingerie or where the width of the strap is less than three inches.
  • Strapless tops, one strap tops, spaghetti strap tops.
  • Belly shirts.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, and Footwear

  • Pants, shorts, skirts and dresses must come within 3 inches of the top of the knee when standing. Do not wear modesty or volleyball shorts or yoga or other skin tight pants or shorts.
  • Slits, splits, cuts, and holes in clothing should not exceed 3 inches above the top of the knee.

General Clothing/Accessories:

  • Attire should be appropriate, clean and non-disruptive.

The following items are inappropriate:

  • Slippers and sleepwear
  • Flip flops, sandals, open toe shoes
  • Sheer or transparent clothing
  • Clothing or jewelry that may be offensive, vulgar, profane, lewd, or racially or sexually suggestive to another person
  • Clothing or accessories that advertise, glorify or symbolize any illegal substance, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Clothing or accessories with gang insignia or symbols
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Oversized clothing including anything that may be sagging

Other Important Issues

  • Tobacco of any kind is not allowed on the ODM campus. No lighters or matches either.
  • Our residents are served 3 nutritious hot meals per day and do not have need for anything. Do not bring any food of any kind for consumption on campus. Food is not permitted outside of the dining hall or in the dormitories for health purposes.
  • As this is a substance abuse recovery facility, no drugs or alcohol are ever permitted on the campus.
  • No cellphones are to be in the possession of your loved one except when you are with him.
  • No pornographic materials are allowed. Dormitory and wardrobe inspections are performed at random and on a regular basis.

Please think about where you are visiting and who will be seeing YOU. Show modesty and conduct yourself in a manner that would make your grandmother proud of you. This Dress and Conduct Code Guideline has been well thought out. Avoid embarrassing yourself or your loved one by heeding to these guidelines. If you think what you are going to wear might be inappropriate, it probably is. So wear something that you know will be appropriate. The same applies with how you conduct yourself and how you allow your loved one to conduct himself with you. Being asked to leave the campus for failure to respect these guidelines MAY result in your inability to return and could jeopardize your loved one’s ability to complete the program.                   

Monday through Friday: No visitations.

Dropping off items: If you are dropping off something to be given to your loved one, please be certain that it is approved and appropriate for him to have in his possession. Your loved one knows what is and isn’t permitted. Ask him to verify. Give the item to ODM Staff Security, not the resident gatekeeper. Staff Security will provide the inspection. Drop off items only at the Harrisburg front gate.

Saturday and Sunday: Regular family visitation hours are between the hours of Noon to 6 pm with a two (2) hour time limit on weekends and specified holidays. Visits may not interfere with CR (see below), classes or work schedules.

  • Each and every family visitor MUST BE PRE-APPROVED, by name, by the student’s counselor by noon on the Thursday immediately preceding the visit. The student’s counselor will verify the family relationship of EACH visitor regardless of age.
  • All APPROVED family visitors must enter the Mission through the front gate on Harrisburg. The side gate on Norwood is only accessible to visitors in the event of inclement weather and those requiring wheelchair accessibility. Only the approved names will be on the list at the front gate. ODM Staff Security will maintain the approved list and authorize only those approved to enter the premises. Those not on the list will be turned away. (This also applies for Celebrate Recovery below.)
  • Park on Norwood Street (west side of Mission) or Linwood Street (east side of Mission). Parking inside the Norwood Street gate is reserved for employees, board members and handicapped visitors requiring wheelchair accessibility.
  • Visitors’ personal property will always be subject to inspection. Do not bring any contraband (as defined by law and ODM) on the campus. Any illegal substances or paraphernalia will be reported to HPD or Harris County Sherriff’s Dept.
  • Watch your personal property that you bring on campus. It is recommended that any valuables you may have be put in the locked trunk of your car and not where it can be seen.
  • All family visitors must be off the property by 6:00 pm. Maximum visitation is 2 hours.
  • Visiting families are only permitted access to the patio pavilion and dining hall and the connecting breezeways, unless otherwise authorized (e.g. Chapel for events, services, etc).
  • Proper attire is required. Shirts must not have offensive words, art, advertisements, etc. on them. No low cut tops, tight clothing, tank tops, muscle shirts; men’s pants need to be worn at the waist, not sagging. Be sure that the body is covered appropriately. If you are questioning yourself whether your clothing is appropriate or not, don’t wear it. Select something that you know will be appropriate.       Closed toe foot wear must be worn. No flip flops or sandals. Failure to follow the dress code requirement will cause you to leave the premises and return properly attired. Don’t put yourself in an embarrassing situation.
  • Neither adults nor children are permitted to use the physical fitness equipment at any location on the property. The Mission assumes no responsibility for injuries resulting from violating this rule.
  • Children visitors must be supervised by the parent or student at all times.
  • Do not bring ANY food, candy, tobacco products onto the campus. Open Door Mission is a tobacco-free facility. Students are not permitted to have any of the above in their possession or dorm lockers. The students are well fed three times each day with more than enough highly nutritious food. Students are not permitted to have cell phones.

Saturday morning Celebrate Recovery 9:30 to 11:30 am:  Celebrate Recovery is a very special weekly event for the students in the ODM programs. Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that can help us overcome hurts, habits and hang-ups, not just habits. CR is based on the actual words of Jesus in the Beatitudes from His Sermon on the Mount rather than psychological theory. Our staff encourages approved family members to attend this weekly activity to learn what their loved one is learning at the Mission and, by attending, you show important support to the student. We promise that you will be personally rewarded by this experience.

For Green and Yellow Badge students: Pre-approved (see below) male and female family members are invited to attend CR each week in the Chapel from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

White Badge students: Pre-approved male and female family members are permitted to attend from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, but only once in the first month. You may only attend on the Saturday in week 3 OR 4 of the first month, not in week 1 or 2.

At 10:30 am, wives and mothers, and other approved female family members over the age of 18 may participate in the ladies-only program from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and are invited to stay for lunch in the dining hall.

The male family members may participate in the male-only program from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and may stay for lunch in the dining hall.  Family members who have attended Celebrate Recovery and who have stayed for lunch must be off the property by 2:00 pm.

In addition to the above regular Family Visitation Policy, the following also applies for Celebrate Recovery:

  • Each and every family visitor MUST BE PRE-APPROVED, by name, by the student’s counselor by noon on the Thursday immediately preceding the CR visit. The student’s counselor will verify the family relationship of EACH visitor regardless of age.
  • All APPROVED family members attending CR will sit in the back row of the Chapel and will not sit with their loved one.  (Policy from above for regular visitation also applies.)
  • Families attending CR may go off campus for lunch with the Green/Yellow Badge student for up to four (4) hours as a personal pass.
  • White Badge students are not permitted to leave the campus during this first month of the program for any reason other than in an emergency as determined by ODM staff.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not invited or permitted to participate in this CR program and must not be on the campus during these hours due to program content and confidentiality requirements.