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Open Door Mission is 100% donor funded

The old Fullerton Elementary School

The Open Door Mission in Houston, Texas, has a long and storied history of providing essential services and support to the homeless and those in need. The Open Door Mission has dedicated itself to addressing the challenges of homelessness, poverty, and addiction.

The roots of the Open Door Mission can be traced back to 1954 when it was founded in downtown Houston as a place to provide shelter, food, and hope for the city's homeless. The Mission aimed to create an “open door”, a place where those who were struggling could find refuge and assistance without judgment or discrimination. The founders of the Mission began their work with a strong commitment to their faith and a deep sense of social responsibility.

Over the years, the Open Door Mission expanded its services and outreach efforts. It went from being a modest shelter to a comprehensive facility located at the former Fullerton Elementary School generously donated by the Turner Charitable Foundation. Now Open Door Mission provides not only emergency shelter and meals for individuals battling addiction, but also long-term rehabilitation and recovery programs for those individuals. This transformation was driven by the increasing need in the Houston area as homelessness and addiction continued to be significant societal issues. In 1991, the Mission was expanded with a Convalescent Care Center, a dining hall and kitchen in addition to laundry facilities. Then in 1996 an additional dormitory was constructed adding 56 additional beds, additional office space, and a library.

In the 2000’s, Open Door Mission continued to expand the campus by expanding the kitchen facilities, the Education and Technology Center, and adding a fitness center. In 2015, Harris Health System opened a clinic on campus to serve the clients at Open Door Mission and the community from outside the Mission.

The Mission continues to grow and offer more services. Transitional housing is available to clients that have graduated the program in addition to continued education, healthcare, and career guidance. We constantly emphasize how important aftercare is and recovery doesn’t stop after graduation, neither does the Mission.

The Mission works collaboratively with other local organizations and government agencies to address the multifaceted challenges associated with homelessness and addiction.

Throughout its history, the Open Door Mission faced its share of challenges, including funding constraints, pandemic related issues, and the sheer scale of homelessness in a large and diverse city like Houston. However, the Mission remained committed to its core values and the belief that every individual deserved a chance to rebuild his life.

The Open Door Mission's success is not only attributed to its dedicated staff and volunteers but also to the support it receives from the Houston community. Churches, local businesses, and individuals have consistently contributed their time, money, and resources to ensure the Mission's ongoing work.

In the modern era, the Open Door Mission has adapted to the changing needs of the homeless population in Houston. There is a clear correlation between homelessness and addiction and the Mission has incorporated innovative approaches to address the root causes of these issues. This includes vocational training and education programs designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to secure employment and achieve self-sufficiency.

The Open Door Mission is an essential and respected institution in the fight against homelessness in Houston, Texas. To learn more about its current activities and achievements, follow us on social media or reach out to us through our contact page.

The Open Door Mission's enduring legacy is one of compassion, faith, and community support, and it continues to provide a beacon of hope for those in need in Houston, Texas.

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