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The Center is currently being utilized in cooperation with Harris Health Systems’ Harris County Hospital District.

1.The patient must be currently established with the Harris Health System. Please contact Harris Health to verify. (Currently we do not accept external patients)


2.Per Harris Health discretion of Respite need, Harris Health must complete the referral paperwork and communication to Open Door Mission.

Eligibility Criteria and Application, click below.

ODM Medical Respite

Open Door Mission’s Respite Care Center can house up to 28 homeless men who have been released from Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals who need extended convalescence following illnesses, surgery or accidents and who have nowhere to go except back to the streets of Houston. RCC is currently taking referrals from Harris Health hospitals and clinics. We will soon be working toward opening up to other hospitals and clinics as well. The ultimate objective for the homeless men in the RCC is to achieve a quality of life conducive to independent living and be restored to physical health suitable to enter the workforce or to obtain permanent supportive housing. Of equal importance is for the RCC to fill the gap of reducing or eliminating the need for multiple readmissions to hospitals and recurring visits to the hospital emergency departments.

The HHRC assists the clients with:

  • Connection to and scheduling of visits to their primary care physician, health testing, dental, vision and any mental health referrals.

  • Applying for disability and permanent supportive housing and employment.

  • Attainment of food stamps and legal assistance.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the opportunities found in the Center for Education & Career Guidance services offered at the Mission. Computers are available to them for their personal use.

Harris County Healthcare for the Homeless operates an onsite open access clinic at the Mission to provide medical services to the men in our care and to the local homeless community. The clinic enables our residents to have medical services readily available to them and reduce the number of offsite trips that are made for them to meet their medical appointments.

Men in our care can stay in the RCC for periods from a few days up to several months until such time as when a doctor provides release orders. RCC residents may also apply for admission into the DoorWay Recovery Program.

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